Waterhole Wednesday: African Elephants

I thought you might want a glimpse of what we’ve been watching this week. These three came to check out our waterhole while the rest of their family fed in the background and they were not too impressed with our filthy water. If I’m remembering correctly the waterhole turned the same color green about this time last year (when the weather was just starting to get very hot). I think it’s a lot of rotten vegetation reacting with some funky algae in the hundred plus degree heat. It starts out with the surface looking really bubbly and sparkly. Last time it happened Boo came running in to tell me that the naughty elephants had put glitter in the water!


The eles sniffed around for a little while and then turned their noses up and left.


We felt pretty guilty about their disappointment as we have been meaning to clean it out for a while now. Their looks of disgust prompted us all to get moving on that. Well, they prompted everyone except me. I used the fact that I have been sick to get out of bailing water in the midday heat. Both the girls managed to fall into the waterhole during the cleaning exercise and boy did they come back to the house smelling bad.

Did you know that the gestation period for an elephant is twenty two months, longer than any other land animal (from Wikipedia)? In my opinion that is way too long to be pregnant.

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  1. Heather says:

    Only you could have a waterhole Wednesday! Those baby elephants are too cute!

  2. Hooray, your comments are working again! Still adore those little (or not so little, I suppose) baby elephants!

  3. What a fun backyard! We just rode a ferry and learned the boat could hold 25 elephants or so. I’ll have to be sure my little guy sees your pictures since we have elephants on the brain!