Time for Another Cleanse: A Diet to Get Rid of Candida Yeast

It’s happened again: so many birthdays, so much cake, too much coffee, and too much overindulgence. I’m in a slump. The fuzzy head came back, the sluggishness and lack of energy returned and on top of that I’m irritable and have gained just enough weight that my waist bands are starting to feel too tight. It would have been best to stick to an all natural real food diet in the first place but since I didn’t it is definitely time to eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates and kick this candida out of my body again.

Last week I cut out coffee with added sugar – my two big nemeses. I love coffee but I know that I come to rely on it very quickly. When I’m not on a cleanse I try to limit it to just one cup on the weekends but lately I’ve been drinking it everyday – with sugar. The beginning of the week was rough with a few killer headaches. I’m not sure if it was a coffee or a sugar withdraw, most likely a combination of the two, but I’m really missing my morning coffee. I am however just one week later already feeling an improvement in my energy level. This week I go the rest of the way and cut out all refined carbohydrates and all sugar (natural and refined). The worst is behind me because I typically feel pretty rough for about a week and after a few weeks I start feeling amazing. So amazing that I stick to a healthy diet until I forget how terrible I feel when I’m off it and convince myself that just a little bit of sugar won’t hurt. That turns into more and more until I end up back here again. Such a vicious cycle created by such a tiny candida organism!

I typically end up going on a cleanse twice a year. Once after the overindulgence that happens every year at Christmas and once about this time of year when we’ve have back to back birthdays for a few months. When I was first diagnosed with candida I followed the book It Could be Allergy, and It Can be Cured by Phillip Alexander. It was a lifesaver for me and after following the program I discovered what feeling good feels like. Up to that point I thought having a fuzzy head and chronic lack of energy was normal, it was how I had always felt. I followed that extremely strict program and was amazed at the results. I would like to say I was so amazed that I never regressed to my old eating habits but it’s hard to cut out cake for always and forever so I’m happy being good most of the time and going on a cleanse when too much junk has crept back into my diet.

Since I did the massive program in Phillip Alexander’s book years ago, I can usually get back on track by eliminating only sugar and refined carbohydrates while taking garlic supplements to help kill off the candida and eating plenty of plain yogurt to replace it with good bacteria. I haven’t had to go back and start the entire program over although there have been times (like after my last pregnancy) that I’ve followed most aspects of the program. If I go cold turkey and am really strict (removing lactose and fructose from my diet in addition to refined carbs and sugar) the cleanse usually takes about a month. If I slip into it gradually as I’m doing this time and continue to have dairy and fresh fruit in moderation, it takes a little longer. I always feel better once I’ve done it, so much better that it takes a few months before I start slipping again. But starting a new cleanse is never fun because I do so enjoy that morning cup of coffee and those back to back birthday cakes!


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  1. My mom has done this diet, and it seems to help her. Good luck! I’ve never tried it, although I do limit refined sugar. But I also don’t have the symptoms you and my mom describe – thankfully!

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Thanks! I’m starting to feel the benefits already. Glad your mom has also found this diet. It’s a lifesaver for me.

  2. Kathy says:

    Very interesting post and best wishes for your cleanse!

    I have never tried a cleanse before, but have been tempted to a a few times and know some people who have done them and are glad that did.

    Please keep us posted on how it goes this time around.

    Also, what is candida yeast? I know I can Google it, but I am curious how you discovered you had it and whether it is a common ailment.

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Candida is a fungus that everyone has in their intestinal tract but if there is too much of it, it can cause a whole host of symptoms. It is the same thing that causes oral thrush in babies. After years of feeling lousy and not being able to find a cause I was diagnosed in Zambia. I tried the diet and it worked. I think it is fairly common (especially for those that have been on repeated courses of antibiotics) but it is often undiagnosed.

  3. marwil says:

    I have heard of the candida a few times and got the impression everyone has it more or less. I have also been on a few diets like this and would really like/need to do one again sometime. It’s tough but worth it.

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Yes, it’s definitely worth it – just wish I didn’t enjoy cake and coffee so much!

  4. Becky says:

    I am SO interested in this- my daughter has really bad GI issues (and tons of food allergies). I’m so bummed that my library doesn’t have the book. What does the diet entail? Can it be used in children? I could just put the whole family on it for the cleanse..

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      It is a great book but unfortunately I left my copy in the States the last time we were there. I do have lots of information about diet though so I’ll put it together and email it through to you. It can be used with children and I hope it helps your daughter.