The Best Treatment I’ve Found for Candida

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I had a couple of questions about candida after my post about starting a cleanse so thought I would share what I have discovered over the years here. My disclaimer is that I am definitely not a doctor, this is just what I’ve tried based on a lot of reading and advice from holistic practitioners. It is what has worked for me.

Candida Albicans is a fungus that is always found in the genital and intestinal tracts. When good bacteria, like those found in yogurt with live cultures, is removed, often after a course or repeated courses of antibiotics, the candida can grow to a disproportionate level and cause a variety of different aliments. For me it is usually headaches and often migraines, fuzzy head, fatigue, sore throats, and mood swings. Candida can also cause thrush in babies and some types of diaper rash, it can manifest as athlete’s foot or as a yeast infection. Candida feeds on sugar.

In my experience holistic doctors are much more in tune with candida infections than mainstream doctors. I went from doctor to doctor for years and couldn’t figure out what was causing my symptoms, however, I was diagnosed with candida by the first holistic doctor I saw and the diet plan, although not easy to stick with, worked. When I completed the program I felt amazing. Better than I could ever remember feeling in my life. When I started acupuncture treatments for infertility, my acupuncturist also picked up on the candida even though by that point I had it pretty much under control.

As a kid I had chronic ear infections and was on numerous courses of antibiotics. I believe that is when the candida overgrowth first took root, but I’ll bet my high sugar, refined carb, and beer as a food group diet in college also contributed. I always had a sore stomach as a kid and, although I didn’t realize it until much later, I always had a fuzzy head. The feeling of having a clear head was so amazing after completing the anti-candida program that even though I veer off track often, I always come back to the diet because I just feel so good when I have the candida under control.

After being diagnoised, I read everything I could about candida and its treatment. Unfortunately every program seems to be slightly different. What is allowed on one program is completely forbidden on another. This can be confusing when you are trying to figure out which program is best for you. The book I read that made the most sense to me is, It Could be Allergy and It Can be Cured, Phillip Alexander. It’s not an easy program to follow but I was willing to try anything and it worked! I haven’t tried it but I have heard good things about The Yeast Connection, and The Candida Diet website has tons of information and a candida diet that I think looks very good. If you think you have candida, my recommendation is to pick a program that makes sense to you and stick with it. Trying to figure out why one program allows one thing and not another can drive you nuts. Here are the basics of the program I follow when I’m trying to get rid of candida, most are based on the book It Could Be Allergy and It Can Be Cured:

Important natural supplements:

  • Garlic: I take a heavy dose of odorless garlic tablets three times a day. Garlic kills off the candida.
  • Probiotics: I take them first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Probiotics line your digestive track with helpful bacteria leaving less space for the candida to latch on.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: A combination of fish oil and either flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil is best. They aid in healing but you want to be sure you use a fish oil that is free of toxins.
  • A Good Multivitamin: one that is yeast-free and includes zinc and iron. This is important for your immune system, especially because the anti-candida diet is so restrictive.

(The first time I went on this diet I also took a prescription medication called Nystatin, now I just use high doses of garlic.)

What to eliminate from your diet:

  • All sugar (including honey, maple syrup, and fruits as well as veggies with a high sugar content like peas & carrots)
  • All artificial sweeteners (stevia is ok)
  • All white flour
  • All yeast
  • All fungus (like mushrooms)
  • Anything that could encourage mold (like cheeses and other dairy products)
  • All processed foods
  • All MSG
  • All alcohol
  • All caffeine

If you have candida and you follow a program strictly you will most likely feel like crap for a week or two while the candida is dying off (this is a good sign that the diet is working). Then you will suddenly start feeling really well.  If you’re feeling really good after 4 weeks you can add back fruit in very small quantities but no dried fruit, grapes, bananas or melon for the whole program.

After six weeks you can add milk back into your diet and after 90 days you should be rid of the candida infection but if you go back to a high sugar/high refined carb diet it will come back.  It’s best to eat mostly whole grains and very little sugar even after you finish the 90 days.

It Could be Allergy and It Can be Cured also recommends going on what they call the “Metabolism-Balancing Diet” for six to eight weeks before starting the program. This is a healthy balanced diet that is aimed at building you up before you go on the more restrictive diet. As the title suggests, the book also spends a lot of time discussing allergies and their link to candida. If you suffer from allergy symptoms and think you might have a candida infection it is definitely worth a read. One of the reasons I chose this diet over others is because it is not a low carb diet, you can still eat potatoes and whole grains. I’ve outlined the very basics here but the book has tons more information including how chemicals in your environment can impact your health and specifically allergies and candida. It gives a lot of ideas for reducing your chemical load. I left my copy in the States the last time we were there and I feel lost without it.


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  1. Shannon says:

    Another consideration for those of us living in Malaria-land is which anti-malarial drug you chose. I was originally put on doxy and ended up with almost continuous yeast infections. After I switched to malarone it (thankfully) cleared right up.

  2. I’m so glad this works for you! My mom did a candida diet, not quite the same as yours. She has never been able to go back to eating any sugar, really, even fruit or yogurt.

  3. Becky says:

    So interesting! I just requested a book at the library. One of my daughters and I will be going on the diet- though I am worried that it will be hard to keep her on it for one month. What are some examples meals that you have used? For example, is lime juice permitted? I’m thinking of lots of salads with olive oil and lime juice? Is rice allowed? (maybe only brown rice?) I would love ideas- I’m not afraid of cooking, we don’t usually eat processed food, and we eat tons of veggies anyway (but cutting out fruit will be hard!). I would love to know what you had on a typical day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My daughter is tricky bc she can’t have eggs, milk, or soy…..

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Not being able to have eggs will make it a bit more difficult – I used them a lot. Brown rice and lime juice are allowed and I think butter was allowed for the whole program. I found breakfast the hardest, I ate a lot of oatmeal with a pinch of salt a little bit of cinnamon and butter. I also made wholewheat tortillas that I used for wrap sandwiches. I’ll email you with some more of the meals I used.

  4. marwil says:

    Interesting to read. It’s not so different from what I did a few weeks ago but for shorter time then I had planned. It’s a challenge but very beneficial. I’m glad you found what works for you.

  5. Susan Case says:

    What an interesting informative post. Thank you for sharing this. Following you from KBN.

  6. Honey says:

    I’ve just read all of your posts about candida. Thanks for writing them, good information! My daughter (she’ almost 6 years old) has had a candida overgrowth tendency since she was a baby. She always had yeast diaper rash on and off, thrush a few times, she had a bad yeast infection a year and a half ago, poor thing. I usually manage to keep it under control with limited refined sugar, probiotics, no corn (though we are now experimenting occasionally to see if organic corn is ok), no dairy (she is allergic). When she was younger it was easy to cut out all added sugar for awhile if necessary to get the candida back under control. Now that she’s a bit older it’s more difficult because she knows to ask for things she wants. I’ve always allowed her bananas and dries fruit, even when cutting back on sugar. She has SUCH a sweet tooth. But she does like frozen berries even though I find them too sour, so those always make a healthy treat for her. I myself don’t like to eat too much sugar, so luckily we don’t have TOO much around, but there is still always honey, jam, etc. it’s hard to say no jam, honey, etc. to a 5 year old!!

  7. Honey says:

    Oh, and we used to use stevia, she was happy with that, until we figured out she is allergic! She gets bumpy skin and is itchy all over, poor thing.

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Oh my goodness, I really feel for you and your daughter. While I wish I had learned about candida when I was younger so I could have gotten it under control sooner, it really would be hard to limit sugar so much as a kid.

  8. Michele Varju says:

    Hi. I am on day 3 of the yeast connection diet. Any recipes and or tips to help me get through would be great. Thanks

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      It’s tough in the beginning! Roast chicken is one of my favorites – I have it for dinner and then use the left over meat for salad and soup and the bones to make chicken broth. I can’t remember if you can have potatoes on the yeast connection diet but you could have them on the plan I followed and I love potato & leek soup – I made it without milk or cream for the first six weeks. I also ate a lot of eggs and brown rice. Have you seen this site – there are links to many candida friendly recipes? I hope this helps – best of luck to you!

  9. gbear says:

    It is good to consider enzymes along with probiotics,as the enzymes destroy the cell walls of biofilms & yeast,etc. thus allowing for effective probiotic use. I am not selling nor connected to this product,however,Renew Life has a good program for candida which also incorporates specific herbs & tinctures,enzymes,probiotics. There are many who have candida so entrenched throughout their system, that a multi pronged approach is necessary. Elimination diet is obvious, concurrent with the ‘house cleaning’.
    cheers from calif,usa.

  10. Bev says:

    For all those women out there who are struggling with this – I had very frequent yeast infections for a few years and nothing I tried would get rid of them. I never went so far as to completely eliminate any foods but I cut back on all the major contributors. I was frustrated and close to making big changes. Then I bought a menstrual cup, and subsequently stopped using tampons and feminine napkins. My yeast disappeared – no more infections! I have had one in the last 18 months and it was following a weekend away where I forgot my cup, started my cycle and was forced to use the old products.

  11. Lilian says:

    Pls I need am urgent way of dealing with candida,I have been sufering 4 this infection 4 years and also I have taken alots of drugs which has no effect on time,Am really having a hard time because of it because am always restless cos of the rashes and the strach.

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Hi Lilian – I’m so sorry to hear you have been struggling with candida for so long. Following the program in “It Could Be Allergy and It Can Be Cured” by Phillip Alexander really helped me. It’s not an easy program to follow but I would recommend giving it a try. I wish you all the best.

  12. Lilian says:

    Thank you very much for ur respond,Am very greatiful,Am planing on starting the program by next week but there are some personal questions I want to ask you which I can’t disclose here,I don’t know whether its possible to get your direct e-mail or mobile number,Thanks

  13. Lilian says:

    Secondly I can’t find the book ”It could be Allergy and it can be cured” here to enable me know the whole steps to follow!Pls I really want to go into this program immediately because of my state now.

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      I’ve just emailed you Lilian – feel free to write back with any questions. I just did a google search and I see what you mean about the book being difficult to find. Have you tried requesting it at your library? If you can’t get a hold of it maybe you could try the Ultimate Candida Diet Program. I haven’t tried it yet myself but I have looked through the book and it seems to be a sound program –

  14. liberty says:

    Truly garlic is best, it cleanses the blood stream and cells. Great for intenstinal cleanse, pms relief. I make a tea with it, boil it and then drink it. Moringa also great for nourishing the body, fish oil as well. Milk thistle.