Family Photos and Accountability

Family Photos - Mud Hut Mama

Vanessa at De Su Mama has started a pretty intensive photo memory challenge, “The Meaning of Siblings.” If you’re not familiar with Vanessa’s blog it is really worth a look. She writes beautiful letters to her children and takes some incredible photographs. I would like to participate but I know I won’t be able to keep up the pace, still I love the idea of having a part of this blog devoted to preserving memories for the Littles and one area that I am not doing a great job in is family photos. I have been documenting our homeschooling journey but the photos that I post are more about capturing an activity than about capturing a special moment so I’ve decided to start my own […] Read more »

Family Photos

Family Photo

I feel a need to have a professional take photos of the girls each year. It’s a funny thing because I’m almost never happy with the end result. They are too staged, my girls don’t cooperate, and I never feel like they really capture who they are at the moment. Nevertheless, I feel the urge to record each stage with professional quality and I think way too much about it, spend far too much on it, and I’m lucky if I can find one or two of the expensive photos that I like enough to put on the wall. This year I was looking into photographers and our neighbor, who runs one of the lodges in the reserve, offered to take some free shots for […] Read more »