Lowercase M Craft: Map

M for Map, Letter Craft

We have been on a homeschooling hiatus due to illness. We are all healthy now and should probably have been back in the swing of things this week but I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic (the heat is now fully upon us) so we are easing ourselves back in pang’ono pang’ono (slowly slowly). This fun and super easy m for map craft was a quick way to feel like we accomplished something. I printed off this pirate treasure map coloring sheet from The Coloring Castle and cut a lowercase m out of construction paper. The only other materials we needed were markers or crayons and paste. The littles are really into pirates at the moment and were very excited about these coloring sheets. It was also […] Read more »

Lowercase V Craft: Vase

Literacy, Age 3, Week 13

We decided to make a vase out of our letter v. It wasn’t a particularly inventive idea but we had fun with it and were happy with the end result. Materials: one sheet of white paper, one letter v cut out of construction paper, one piece of blue tissue paper, some toilet paper rolls cut into stamps, paint, glue, and a green marker. We used the same toilet paper roll stamps from Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi that we used for our lion craft. The girls really enjoy them. I folded our paper in half to keep the flowers at the top and I had some extra paper and paint brushes handy because my girls were not ready to stop painting after three measly flower […] Read more »

Lowercase Y Craft: Yellow Yarn


The only thing we could think of to do with a lowercase y was to make it yellow and add yarn. Materials: one sheet of yellow paper, one sheet of white paper, yellow yarn, paste, and glue. I cut the y out of the white paper and the littles pasted it to their yellow paper. I helped them get a thick layer of glue on the y without getting too much on the yellow paper and then they went to town adding the yellow yarn. It was fast, easy, and a whole lot of fun. Read more »

Lowercase L Craft: Ladybug (Ladybird)


Finally, Boo’s favorite letter! She was so excited to do this l for ladybug (or depending where you’re from ladybird) craft. My littles hold both U.S. and U.K. passports so it remains to be seen which word they use for this adorable little insect. Materials: one sheet of white paper, one sheet of colored paper, three red paper circles, a bunch of black paper circles made with a holepunch, a glue stick, a black marker, and green crayons. I drew a lowercase l on the white paper and the girls colored it in green to make a leaf. You know they were into this craft because they didn’t even notice the elephant that came for a drink at our waterhole! In fact when her friends […] Read more »

Lowercase N Craft: Night Night

N for Night Night

Yesterday we introduced the letter n with this night night craft. Materials: a piece of black construction paper, a piece of white paper, star stickers, a small piece of material, glue, paste, a black marker and (although it’s not pictured here) a paper moon. For each craft I drew the n on the white paper and cut out two small circles that I drew closed eyes on. The littles had fun coloring their n’s. Then we stuck our star stickers all over the black construction paper. And pasted on our n’s. The girls really liked giving their n’s a blankie. To glue this on we needed the school glue instead of the paste. I thought we were finished but Boo reminded me that we needed […] Read more »

Lowercase R Craft: Rhinoceros

R for Rhino

The girls saw their very first black rhino last week so our lowercase r craft had to be a rhino. Materials: 1 sheet of construction paper in any color, one sheet of white paper, a gray crayon (or any color or colors you want your rhino to be), a black marker, and 1 googly eye. I drew the lowercase r on the white paper and cut out two horns from what remained. The girls then colored their r’s with their gray crayons. I cut them out and then cut out an ear shape from the scraps where they had also colored. We pasted the r to the construction paper and then added the horns, the ear, and the goggly eye. To finish it off we […] Read more »

Lowercase O Craft: Orange Octopus in the Ocean

O for Octopus

  Boo (3 ) is just starting to learn her letter sounds, and I wanted to work on lowercase o today so we ended up with this craft. Kooks (almost 2) was not going to miss out on painting, pasting, and drawing so we all joined in on the fun. We talked about the orange, the octopus, the ocean, and our o stamps while we were crafting and so had plenty of time to practice our o sounds. Materials: paper (white, orange & blue), orange paint, googlie eyes, markers, glue and/or paste, scissors, and small round lids. This was our first experience with using paint to stamp and the girls loved it. I drew the o’s on white paper, put out just a little bit […] Read more »