Our Review of Little Pim: A Language Learning Program

Little Pim Review - Mud Hut Mama

If you read my post about our “Misadventures in Language Learning” over at All Done Monkey, you know that I really want my girls to speak a second language but that I haven’t been sure exactly how to go about it. They have picked up a little bit of Chichewa but they don’t have enough exposure to really gain fluency. We have been trying to learn French with our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD and my girls now believe that French is Mickey Mouse’s own personal language. Boo and Kooks are huge Dora and Diego fans and for a while now they have been adding the Spanish they have learned in those shows to their play. I often hear shouts of “Ayudame! Ayudame!” when they play the […] Read more »

Our Misadventures in Language Learning: A Guest Post at All Done Monkey

Misadventures in Language Learning - Mud Hut Mama

Happy New Year! We are back from our holiday in Botswana and we had a wonderful Christmas with Granny and Gramps that I’ll write more about later but I’m finding it’s really taking me some time to settle back into the swing of things at home. I’m thrilled that I have a couple of guest posts this week that were written before we left and have given me a little time to ease myself back into homeschool and this blog. Leanna at All Done Monkey has recently welcomed her littlest monkey into the world. To give her some extra time with the newest member of her family she is running a series of guest posts. I love her site and was excited to have another […] Read more »

Back to School!

Back to School

Tomorrow we are back to school. Summer camp was fun but I think we are all ready to get back to our normal routine. My girls’ Chichewa language skills have skyrocketed this past month. In addition to learning numerous Chichewa playground songs, they have been listening to Saliyapa and Kwamvera converse with each other and they have had a bunch of playdates with their friends who don’t speak a lot of English. I have been a little left out of this and the girls are thrilled that they know something that I don’t know. The other day Boo started telling me about an mbalame she had been watching and then she stopped herself and told me in her let me help you understand voice, “mbalame […] Read more »