Europe and Castles for Kids

Europe and Castles for Kids - Mud Hut Mama

We finally got around to learning a little bit about Europe. My girls love fairytales that feature kings, queens, knights and princesses so I thought I would capitalize on those interests in our study of Europe by focusing on castles and monarchies. This post contains affiliate links.  The Usborne book, In the Castle by Anna Milbourne, was a great way to introduce our castles for kids unit. This story begins with the question, “Have you ever visited an old, tumbledown castle and wondered what it was like to live there, long, long ago?” It then goes on to show, through text and illustrations, what castle life was like in the Middle Ages. We also read the Magic Tree House book, The Knight at Dawn, my girls were […] Read more »

Australia for Kids

Australia for Kids - Mud Hut Mama

Oh my goodness we have finally tackled another continent – it sure took us a while! We learned about Asian animals in October and then packed up and stayed with family and friends for almost three months. We did continue as much as we could with our homeschool during that time but I didn’t have our map or globe with me so geography was shelved. It was so lovely to get our new school room set up and bring out those supplies. I wanted to jump right into Australia for kids but I have to say I struggled a bit with something that you would think is really basic – what to call the continent and what countries it includes. I learned seven continents growing […] Read more »

The Animal Boogie & Asian Animals

Animal Boogie & Asian Animals - Mud Hut Mama

I’m trying to catch up on some of our homeschool weeks that I haven’t gotten around to posting about yet. We studied the continent of Asia through animals and took a closer look at India while we were in Zambia but I’m just getting around to writing about it now. The book of the week was The Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter. It is a song as well as a book about a variety of animals that inhabit a jungle environment. The book doesn’t come out and say that it is based in India but if you take a closer look at the animals in the story you can play a geography game that will lead you to that conclusion which is exactly what we did. This […] Read more »

Emperor Penguin Habitat: Antarctica for Kids

Emperor Penguin Habitat - Antarctica

We switched back to continents this week for a look at Emperor Penguin habitat in Antarctica. Our book of the week was Without You by Sarah Weeks, it is a very sweet story of a baby Emperor Penguin talking to its father, “Where would I be? What would I do? Who in the world would see me through…” The story describes the harsh weather in Antarctica and how Emperor Penguin dads protect their hatchlings. I might never have found this book if Shannon at Cyberbones hadn’t gifted it to us so thank you Shannon – we love it! This post contains affiliate links. Geography: After reading Without You we watched a few YouTube videos about Antarctica: Antarctica – National Geographic Traveler: I had no idea that there […] Read more »

Africa for Kids: Preschool Homeschool

Preschool Learning Activities - Africa

One of our goals for homeschool this year is to be able to identify all of the continents on a map and learn some facts about each one. We are also focusing our activities around a different book each week and since it is impossible to find a single book that can represent an entire continent we will be learning about some specific countries, cities, wildlife and habitats as we go. This post contains affiliate links. Of course we started with Africa and I chose Next Stop–Zanzibar Road by Niki Daly as our book of the week for so many reasons. It shows life in a South African town through the antics of Mama Jumbo (an elephant) and her son Little Chico (a chicken). Much of […] Read more »

Children’s Books and a World Geography Game

Children's Books and a World Geography Game - Mud Hut Mama

I’ve been wanting to start introducing geography to my girls for a while now. We have family in the States and throughout southern Africa and my girls know the names of the countries that they live in but I realized that we had no world maps in the house to show them where these places are. During our recent trip to Botswana I was on the hunt for some resources to help them learn a little bit of geography and I found this great world map puzzle made out of thick foam. It was an instant hit. Boo loves trying to piece it together and Kooks loves to take it apart. One of our favorite Christmas gifts was the Care for Our World Play Set […] Read more »