Welcome to the first annual Backyard Barbecue Bloghop!

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A place to link up all your summertime recipes, activities, games and crafts! Hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill with fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob were summer staples when I was growing up and they bring back memories of playing running bases in the backyard and then catching fireflies after dark. While my family and friends in the States are gearing up for these summer traditions right now, in Malawi we are moving into winter – but luckily our winters are nothing like the Pennsylvania winters I grew up with and they most certainly won’t keep us indoors! In fact cold evenings are perfect for sitting around a fire after a southern African braai and gazing at the stars in our enormous sky. […] Read more »

A Malawian Wedding Reception

Malawian Wedding

Saliyapa, our housekeeper, was recently married and I was invited to participate in the wedding as one of the “cake cutters.” It was a little overwhelming for me because I didn’t know exactly what to expect or how to prepare but it was a beautiful day and I’m so thankful to Sali for sharing such an important moment in her life with me. Since I had made the wedding cake, I was told that I shouldn’t go to the church. Instead I should go straight to the reception hall and get the cake ready. The reception was held at a local secondary school and I was asked to be there at 10 am, the reception would start at noon. This posed a bit of a […] Read more »

Preparing for a Malawian Wedding

Malawian Wedding

You might remember that Saliyapa (our housekeeper) had her traditional wedding back in June. Since then we have been gearing up for her church wedding. In some ways the traditional wedding could be compared to an engagement party in the States. While after that wedding she was considered married in the eyes of many, she and her husband did not move in together until after the church wedding which was last Saturday. I had offered to make the wedding cake for Sali’s reception and she asked me to be a part of her wedding party as the “cake cutter.” I was honored to be asked but not sure exactly what would be involved and with my family being the only muzungus (white people) at the […] Read more »

Learning How to Make a Wedding Cake

Malawian Wedding

I don’t know why I tend to offer my services for things that I know nothing about but this wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Sometimes it works out well and sometimes not so well, but it always pushes me to learn something new. Saliyapa, our housekeeper, is getting married. She had her traditional wedding the end of June but the church wedding will be in October. We’ve been talking a lot about it lately, especially about all the things that she needs to purchase for this celebration. Since Saliyapa comes from a rural community in one of the twenty poorest countries in the world, I have been really surprised at the price tag attached to a local church […] Read more »