Run to the Shape

We have a deck in front of our house where the littles often play, “Run to the Hot! Run to the Shade!” The title pretty much explains the game. The girls stand in the shaded portion of the deck and yell, “run to the hot!” Then they run to the sunny portion of the deck. Immediately they shout, “run to the shade!” and they run back to the shaded portion of the deck. It’s a really simple game that they made up themselves but they love it. This game and a recent post from Teach Preschool about a game where kids run to a color in a taped out square made me think the girls would enjoy a running game to practice what they have been learning. We tried it out with shapes.

I drew shapes on colored paper and taped them around the deck. We had all the obvious shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle) but we also threw in a cresent and a diamond.

Once we were set up I got to be the one yelling. Run to the square! Run to the triangle!

It was so simple and so much fun! The girls both really enjoyed it and I think we’ll try it again soon with letter sounds or numbers. When we were finished playing the littles asked if they could cut some shapes. Scissor and shape practice all in one! I was very happy to oblige.


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  1. Deborah says:

    This is a wonderful variation of the color game.. I will have to keep this idea in mind when we head back to preschool next fall! My class would love it too!