Preschool Homeschool Lesson Plans: Week 3, Age 3

Preschool Homeschool - Week 3, Age 3 - Mud Hut Mama

We had a lot of fun this week! Here’s what we worked into our preschool homeschool lesson plans.

Literacy and Language Arts:

We introduced two new letters and sounds this week, a and t. We did an a for apple craft from No Time for Flash Cards, only we used white paper instead of a paper plate, and we made a t for tracks letter craft. I made animal track stamps from craft foam using this easy tutorial from Child Central Station. We stamped elephant, buffalo, leopard, impala and baboon tracks onto our t and onto the construction paper we pasted it to. I chose these animals because we see them regularly at our waterhole (except the leopard but we did see tracks once).

letter a & t craft - Mud Hut Mama

We have started singing a lot more children’s songs but I know that rhymes are also great for phonemic awareness so this week we learned Jack and Jill. I found a website, Webbing Into Literacy, that has thirty weeks worth of nursery rhymes and activities to go along with them. We didn’t use any of the activities this week but we may in the future, I did however pull up the picture card on our computer screen while we said the rhyme to give the littles a visual. I definitely plan to use this site to remind me of the nursery rhymes I grew up with.

We went shopping for letters. No Time for Flash Cards did a similar activity with plastic Easter eggs that gave me the idea. We are now familiar with seven letters so I put those letters from our alphabet lacing set in a variety of small containers and set up a little shop on our deck. The littles each got a shopping basket and selected their items from the store. They had fun trying to open all the different containers and then practiced identifying the letter sounds they found inside. They loved this game and played it a few more times before asking for the laces and the rest of the letters to string.

Shopping for Letters - Mud Hut Mama

We wrote with some tiny crayons to promote correct grip.

Practicing Pencil Grip - Mud Hut Mama

Cognitive Skills and Math:

This week my husband and I celebrated our eighth anniversary and the littles spoiled us by making brownies. Ok, the littles actually made it take four times as long to make the brownies and ten times as long to clean up after making brownies, but we got a lot of practice measuring so I’m calling it math.

Brownie Math - Mud Hut Mama

We read one of our favorite counting books, One Yellow Lion by Matthew Van Fleet, and traced our fingers over the numbers before lifting each flap and counting the animals.

Tracing Numbers in Counting Book - Mud Hut Mama

Science and Nature Studies:

We continued to explore cause and effect by making volcanoes in our sandbox. We buried bottles filled with vinegar, water and food coloring in sand mountains and then added baking soda. This activity got big giggles from the littles and can be found at Teach Preschool.

Sandbox Volcanoes - Mud Hut Mama

We swept the area around our waterhole one evening and the next morning we went out to look for tracks. We found that buffalo, waterbuck, genet and civet had all visited during the evening, night and early morning. Here Boo is making her own track next to the buffalo’s.

Buffalo Track - Mud Hut Mama


Since we played in the river this weekend and had to explain to the littles why it is so important that they wait for us to take a good look before they go in and listen to where they are allowed to play, we learned “Never Smile at a Crocodile” as a fun way to reinforce that there are dangers where we live.

Playing in the River - Mud Hut Mama

Our friend Chappo just released his new album Moonwater so there have been incessant demands for dance parties and Uncle Chappo’s music.

Dance Party - Mud Hut Mama

Life Skills:

Sometimes the littles like to have their teeth brushed and sometimes it’s a fight so this week we did an activity from Preschool Playbook. We pretended that hard boiled eggs were teeth and soaked them in Coke. We talked about how food and juice stay on our teeth until we brush them and then we used old toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean our eggs. We did this early in the morning before brushing our own teeth and I think they were a little more vigorous with their tooth brushing after the activity.

Brushing Hard Boiled Eggs - Mud Hut Mama

Computer Skills:

Our internet is still giving us a lot of trouble and has been too slow to do much with during business hours. I am hoping this will be sorted out soon but I think I’m going to just remove this category for the time being.


Boo is surprising me with how into letters she is. She still loves capital L the most and is recognizing it everywhere. She called me to come look one naptime when she found it in the pattern on her quilt, she pointed it out to me when we were filling the waterhole and she noticed that two pieces of grass had drifted together to form an L, and she picks it out of print in books and on boxes. I love seeing how she is becoming so aware of the letters in her environment.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I love your weekly updates like this! I know it’s too hard for you to keep doing them forever, but for the moment it’s wonderful! Oh, and happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    It sounds like you had a great week! It’s always fun to watch kids get into letters. Johnny adored the letter T, which I found especially interesting considering that it doesn’t appear anywhere in his name. Both Emma and Lily have been most into the letters from their names.