Preschool Homeschool Lesson Plans: Week 17, Age 3

Kooks ended up getting whatever it was that I had last week and now Boo has it so it’s been another long week for us. We’ve also been gearing up for Sali’s wedding which was yesterday. I wrote about her traditional wedding at Kid World Citizen and will be writing about her church wedding here as soon as I can get my thoughts together. Apart from that we’ve continued learning with some fun but very low key activities.

Literacy and Language Arts:

Our rhyme from Webbing Into Literacy this week was “Higglety Pigglety Pop.” We also worked on prewriting skills by playing the “Sunny Day Drawing Cube Game” from Teach Preschool. The girls rolled their cube and then drew whatever picture came up. You can print out a drawing cube at Preschool Spot, but I hadn’t planned ahead enough to organize a printout so I just put some masking tape on a couple of our building blocks and drew the pictures on that. The girls loved it and have been playing with their drawing cubes regularly.

Literacy, Age 3, Week 17

Cognitive Skills and Math:

We practiced sequencing circles by size with this caterpillar craft from No Time for Flashcards. Boo pasted the circles from largest to smallest and then we added an eye and a pipe cleaner antenna before Boo went to work with her markers to add feet and a smile. Kooks wasn’t feeling great that day and demanded all of the materials but wasn’t so interested in doing the craft.

Math, Age 3, Week 17

Science and Nature Studies:

HubPages has a post on getting kids interested in growing plants that has a lot of great ideas. We decided to use their instructions to try to grow an avocado stone this week. Ours already had a little root coming out of it when we opened the avocado and we are hoping that it continues to grow. We stuck some toothpicks into the stone and then suspended it on top of a jar of water so that the bottom of the stone stays submerged. The girls love checking on it.

Science, Age 3, Week 17

Dada and the girls decided to make use of the humidity that our air conditioner pulls out of the house to make a mini bird bath. They buried a small plastic container under the air conditioner’s drip pipe and then placed an old lid next to it to catch the overflow. We have a whole bunch of blue wax bills (beautiful little birds with blue breasts and brown backs) and Jameson firefinches (small brown birds with red beaks) that have been really appreciative of their new waterhole as have the lizards, geckos and skinks. They are all pretty shy however and everything scatters when I try to get a photo.

Science, Age 3, Week 17


When Kooks was feeling particularly rough, Lyra worked on a cereal box house for her in the hopes it would make her feel better. Kooks was so excited that she got up to help with the decorating. This idea came from Mama Smiles and has provided a lot of fun for both the girls this week.

Play, Age 3, Week 17


We are going to take a break from homeschool this week and just focus on eating well and getting healthy again. The following week we are planning a vacation at Lake Malawi and I want us to all be at our best so we can enjoy the week away to the fullest. We have been feeling a bit caged in and burnt out so we are really looking forward to our holiday and hoping it will revive us.


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  1. Deborah says:

    The masking tape cube works well too and is a brilliant alternative! I love the drawing cubes!

  2. I love all the awesome activities you do with your girls–very organized and terrific learning opportunities. How do you structure your time–or do you? I’m wondering if my guy would do well with something of a schedule. I feel like we do some good stuff, but very random, so maybe a little more structure would keep us motivated??

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      We don’t really structure our time and lately I’ve been thinking that the girls might do better with a little more structure. At the moment I make a list of the activities I want to cover at the beginning of the week and everyday we try to follow the Webbing Into Literacy plan which lays out what you should do Monday through Friday but is usually just one activity a day and then add one more activity and some reading but they happen anytime during the day. Will let you know if I do start scheduling a little better and how it goes.

  3. Heather says:

    Like the caterpillar – have done that before – can also do it with squares from the pink tower from Montessori.
    I really hope you guys can have some good recovery time. The lake Malawi vacation sounds just great.

  4. So fabulous, definitely going to get into cereal box houses! I hope Kooks feels better now. Have a great holiday!

  5. You always do such fun things with the girls! I hope that everyone is healthy by now, and that you stay that way for a while now!

    I’m so glad your girls had fun with that cereal box activity, like my kids did!

  6. I’m just impressed your girls can draw all those shapes!! I’m stealing that one and the avocado stone since Caleb has been asking a lot about plants lately. Great ideas and hope you all stay healthy and enjoy your vacation!

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Well I don’t think we would have won any awards for the art we produced but the drawing cubes did get them practicing. I loved that activity because it was all about the process – and they had so much fun with it. They keep asking for the blocks and get a little better each time we pull them out.

  7. Kelly says:

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I’m so glad to find you! What an amazing place to be raising your girls. You have so many great activities. I can’t wait to read more. Hope everyone is well soon.

  8. Faith Burke says:

    Neat ideas for my three year old grand daughter. Thank you