Preschool Homeschool Lesson Plans: Week 11, Age 3

We made some strides in rhyming this week which have me very excited! Next week we are going to take a break from our normal schedule to focus on the lion reintroduction. We are so excited about their upcoming arrival.

Literacy and Language Arts:

This week we learned “I Saw a Ship A-Sailing” from Webbing Into Literacy. We did the recommended activities and when it was time to act out the rhyme we built a little ship out of a cardboard box. We were inspired by the beautiful box ship featured on Nurture Store. That ship was made by an older child and had a tissue paper sail as well as a lot more detail. For our sail we used a sturdy stick and some fabric that we duct taped to a wire frame. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, we even brought out our duck puppet to play the part of the captain, but the sail was destroyed within an hour. We are, however, finding lots of ways to play with our painted box. These Rhyme a Week activities from Webbing Into Literacy seem to be doing the trick. The girls enjoy doing them and Boo has started coming up to me and saying two words and asking me if they rhyme. She’s getting it right about half of the time so I think we are onto something.

Literacy, Age 3, Week 11

We did this cute w for worm craft from Creative Preschool Resources and practiced the w sound. I’m so frustrated that our internet is still too slow for Starfall because I really like using that to reinforce the letter sounds as we are learning them.

Literacy, Age 3, Week 11

Cognitive Skills and Math:

Saliyapa our housekeeper, and the girls’ honorary auntie, got involved in homeschooling this week by playing numerous memory games with Boo using our Go Fish cards. Each time she or Sali got a match, Boo counted the sea creatures and told us the number. This gave me some time to spend with Kooks who has been particularly grisly this week. I’m wondering if her molars will soon be making an appearance.

Math, Age 3, Week 11

Science and Nature Studies:

We did a drop or float experiment that I found at The Home Teacher. We collected a variety of things including toilet tissue, leaves, stones, sticks, bath toys, and sheets of paper that we dropped from the height of the dining table. Boo loved being allowed to stand on the table but Kooks felt more secure sitting down. We talked about which items fell slowly and landed softly and which items fell quickly and crashed to the ground.

Science, Age 3, Week 11


Kooks entertained us by playing her ball drum. Boo decided the ball should be a piano and also played a spoon which she is calling her flute. It was a week of music.

Play, Age 3, Week 11

We built houses on the deck and pretended to take naps. Kooks was sure to shout, “back in bed” whenever Boo tried to get up.

Play, Age 3, Week 11


It’s so interesting to see how Boo is learning. We will work on an activity that introduces a new concept and I will feel like she is really not getting it, so I put it aside. Then a couple of days or a week later she will come to me and show me that she did actually understand it or at least she got the concept. It seems that Boo takes in the activity, processes it on her own time, and then comes to show me her new found skill. Last week I was worried about teaching rhyming, this week she is showing a real interest and coming to ask me about words that she thinks rhyme. I’ve been surprised, and thrilled, by how often she gets it right.

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  1. I love the ball drum! And your girls are so cute in their little houses.

    Sounds like there was a lot of learning in your home this week!

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing about another productive, fun and interesting week of learning in your home. I really enjoyed reading and seeing pictures of your adventures in home schooling your children. Way to go!

    Cool that your housekeeper even got involved this week!

  3. Heather says:

    That’s fantastic that your kids are learning in their own way in their own time. I love the “w” worms. 🙂

  4. Justine says:

    What a beautiful ship! And my daughter uses her balls as drums, too. 🙂 I love how you deliver these lessons … SO much more fun than “regular” preschool!! I will have to try drop-and-float!

  5. What adorable worms for the Letter W. I’d love to have you link them up with our W Round up at