Lowercase R Craft: Rhinoceros

The girls saw their very first black rhino last week so our lowercase r craft had to be a rhino.

Materials: 1 sheet of construction paper in any color, one sheet of white paper, a gray crayon (or any color or colors you want your rhino to be), a black marker, and 1 googly eye.

I drew the lowercase r on the white paper and cut out two horns from what remained. The girls then colored their r’s with their gray crayons.

I cut them out and then cut out an ear shape from the scraps where they had also colored. We pasted the r to the construction paper and then added the horns, the ear, and the goggly eye. To finish it off we drew a mouth and a tail with a black marker. I thought they turned out really cute.



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  1. pinkoddy says:

    It’s good when you can link their learning to things they’ve seen. These are great rhino Rs