Lowercase O Craft: Orange Octopus in the Ocean


Boo (3 ) is just starting to learn her letter sounds, and I wanted to work on lowercase o today so we ended up with this craft. Kooks (almost 2) was not going to miss out on painting, pasting, and drawing so we all joined in on the fun. We talked about the orange, the octopus, the ocean, and our o stamps while we were crafting and so had plenty of time to practice our o sounds.

Materials: paper (white, orange & blue), orange paint, googlie eyes, markers, glue and/or paste, scissors, and small round lids.

This was our first experience with using paint to stamp and the girls loved it. I drew the o’s on white paper, put out just a little bit of orange paint in a large lid and gave each of the girls a small lid to use as a stamp.

Boo got really into the stamping and asked for more paper after she finished her o.

Kooks decided to combine stamping with finger painting.

While we let the o’s dry we glued on the eight octopus legs I had cut out earlier. I folded our blue ocean in half to make sure the legs ended up on the bottom half of our page.

Then we glued on an orange square for the octopus’s face.

Once our o’s were dry, I cut them out and the girls pasted them on top of the orange squares. A couple of googlie eyes and a marker mouth and nose later, we had our orange octopuses in the ocean.





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  1. These are so cute!!! Love the expression on that last octopus’s face, too 🙂

  2. Fun! Thanks for sharing!