Lowercase N Craft: Night Night

Yesterday we introduced the letter n with this night night craft.

Materials: a piece of black construction paper, a piece of white paper, star stickers, a small piece of material, glue, paste, a black marker and (although it’s not pictured here) a paper moon.

For each craft I drew the n on the white paper and cut out two small circles that I drew closed eyes on. The littles had fun coloring their n’s.

Then we stuck our star stickers all over the black construction paper.

And pasted on our n’s.

The girls really liked giving their n’s a blankie. To glue this on we needed the school glue instead of the paste.

I thought we were finished but Boo reminded me that we needed moons. I cut out these two and drew faces on them but when I presented them to the girls they were not impressed. I was told by Boo that she, “wanted a round one moon with no face!”

Kooks agreed and here is her n for night night craft.

Boo’s n is of course green, but this time she used light as well as dark green.


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