Europe and Castles for Kids

Europe and Castles for Kids - Mud Hut Mama

We finally got around to learning a little bit about Europe. My girls love fairytales that feature kings, queens, knights and princesses so I thought I would capitalize on those interests in our study of Europe by focusing on castles and monarchies. This post contains affiliate links.  The Usborne book, In the Castle by Anna Milbourne, was a great way to introduce our castles for kids unit. This story begins with the question, “Have you ever visited an old, tumbledown castle and wondered what it was like to live there, long, long ago?” It then goes on to show, through text and illustrations, what castle life was like in the Middle Ages. We also read the Magic Tree House book, The Knight at Dawn, my girls were […] Read more »

Where the Wild Things Are Activities

Where the Wild Things Are Activities

I’m finally getting around to writing up our last homeschool on the road week – only about three months late!!! It was focused around one of our favorite books with a variety of Where the Wild Things Are Activities. This post contains affiliate links. I loved Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak as a child and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with my daughters. They are both big fans! Science: We paired Where the Wild Things Are with The Magic School Bus “ups and downs” episode where the class learn about sinking and floating while investigating a report of a monster in a local lake. Once we were at our destination, we did the corresponding activity at Scholastic that helped us see how changing the shape […] Read more »

The Little Engine That Could Activities

The Little Engine That Could Activities

While we were on the road, early in the New Year, we completed a couple of weeks of homeschool that I am really behind in writing up. One was a science week where we paired a Magic School Bus episode with a classic children’s book. This post contains affiliate links. I ordered The Little Engine That Could from the UK shortly before Christmas so that a visiting family member could carry it out to us and I was really surprised by how small the book was (and I think it may be an abridged version), but the size has not affected my girls’ enjoyment of the book. In fact it has become one of Kooks’s favorites and I often find her sitting with it and […] Read more »

Australia for Kids

Australia for Kids - Mud Hut Mama

Oh my goodness we have finally tackled another continent – it sure took us a while! We learned about Asian animals in October and then packed up and stayed with family and friends for almost three months. We did continue as much as we could with our homeschool during that time but I didn’t have our map or globe with me so geography was shelved. It was so lovely to get our new school room set up and bring out those supplies. I wanted to jump right into Australia for kids but I have to say I struggled a bit with something that you would think is really basic – what to call the continent and what countries it includes. I learned seven continents growing […] Read more »

Preschool Christmas Activities

Preschool Christmas Activities - Mud Hut Mama

Seeing the girls get excited about Christmas and all the magic that surrounds it brings me so much joy! I love using our homeschool to help build that excitement. I found the little tin Christmas tree in the photo above at the grocery store. When you turn the top of the tree it plays Christmas carols. The girls have been having a lot of fun playing with it and dancing around it. We have really been enjoying our preschool Christmas activities. Language Arts: We learned the parts of a letter when we wrote to Santa Claus. I used the same fill in the blank and multiple choice Santa letter that we made last year and, as you can see, the girls took their letter writing […] Read more »

Cookies, Compassion & Chemistry for Kids

Cookies, Compassion & Chemistry for Kids - Mud Hut Mama

We are starting a Christmas tradition of making sure we do an act of kindness for people and for either wildlife or for the earth. Of course I want us to commit acts of kindness all year long but the holidays are a nice time to really focus on compassion and this week’s homeschool was a great way to segue into our new tradition. This post contains affiliate links. I love, love, love Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I came across this book while searching for secular children’s books that teach values. It isn’t a story but more of an illustrated vocabulary list that defines virtues (and some vices) in relationship to cookies. For example, “Trustworthy means, If you ask me to hold your […] Read more »

Pre K Learning Activities: Birds & Flight

Birds & Flight-Pre K Learning Activities-Mud Hut Mama

We studied birds (and flight) a couple of weeks ago but I’m only getting around to writing about it now. We focused on two very sweet picture books and a Magic School Bus episode. My girls love bird-watching with their father, especially Kooks who has a real knack for spotting birds and remembering their names. I really appreciated that, apart from being a topic my girls were happy to jump into, it was a nice, easy week where everything we needed for our pre k learning activities was on hand. This post contains affiliate links. Birds by Kevin Henkes is a colorful story of a child recounting the observations she has made when watching birds. “Sometimes, in winter, a bird in a tree looks like one […] Read more »

Water Cycle Experiments & Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

Water Cycle Experiments - Mud Hut Mama

We are continuing with our homeschool as much as we can while we are in Botswana. Since we arrived to the worst drought Botswana has had in years, it made a lot of sense to study the water cycle with Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema and a Magic School Bus episode. This post contains affiliate links. Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain is a Nandi tale from Kenya (East Africa) that tells the story of a man who shot down the rain with a bow and arrow. I love the rhyme, rhythm and repetition of this story and it was extra special to us as everywhere we looked we saw images that seemed straight out of the book. “These are the cows, […] Read more »

Homeschool Resources: What I Bought for Pre-K

Pre-K Homeschool Resources - Mud Hut Mama

Last year I bought very little for our homeschool and we learned a lot and had tons of fun with very few homeschool resources. This year I bought a little more and, since I’m really happy with most of my purchases, I thought I’d share them here. I bought a lot of books. I think that even if I quadrupled the size of our home library I would still want more books – by far the biggest challenge of homeschooling where we are is the lack of a public library. Apart from children’s books, and the multitude of activities and ideas found on the internet, this is what we are currently using in our homeschool. This post contains affiliate links. Reading: Teach Your Child to […] Read more »

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities: Preschool Homeschool

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities-Mud Hut Mama

In our last week of homeschool before leaving the forest conservancy in Zambia, we focused on caterpillars and butterflies with an episode of The Magic School Bus and some The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities. This post contains affiliate links. Science: We watched the “Butterfly and Bog Beast” Episode of The Magic School Bus where we learned that some butterflies protect themselves by blending into their surroundings to stay safe and others use mimicry (like markings that look like eyes) to trick predators. We did a simplified version of the activity at Scholastic and drew butterflies that could protect themselves. Boo drew her own butterfly and Kooks filled in a butterfly outline that I drew for her. We also used The Very Hungry Caterpillar to learn about the lifecycle […] Read more »