Gruffalo Playdough Birthday Party Favors for Kids

Gruffalo Birthday Party Favors - Mud Hut Mama

You may have read about the food at our Gruffalo party, or the DIY piñata or the scavenger hunt, but of course we also needed something fun for all the Littles to take home so the last Gruffalo party post is a peek inside the goodie bags. I love playdough birthday party favors for kids and between this Gruffalo and the playdough dung we sent home at last year’s safari party I think I’ve made more than my fair share of brown playdough. At least this year my mom brought us some brown food coloring from the States which made making the playdough a little easier. I used my favorite playdough recipe from Musings From a Stay at Home Mom. This post contains affiliate links.

Make a Gruffalo Party Favors - Mud Hut Mama

Each bag contained:

  • A pot of brown playdough
  • 2 orange eyes (buttons that I drew pupils on with a permanent marker)
  • A poisonous wart (a green button)
  • A black tongue (cut out of rubber legging which is made from recycled tire tubes – you could also use craft foam)
  • Purple prickles (painted toothpicks)
  • The Gruffalo Features activity sheet from The Gruffalo website

They were pretty easy to put together, although painting that many toothpicks was a bit tedious. Our party bags were simple lunch bags sealed with a sequence card from Primary Treasure Chest (printed at 50%)I added, “It’s frightfully nice of you to celebrate with us!”

Gruffalo Party Favor Bag - Mud Hut Mama

My girls have had a lot of fun building their own Gruffalos over and over again since the party.

Make a Gruffalo - Mud Hut Mama

There are some other cute versions of playdough Gruffalos at The Imagination Tree and Create With Your Hands. Because the book focuses so much on describing this character, building a Gruffalo with playdough is especially fun just after reading the book or watching the movie.

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  1. Such a cool party favor idea!!!

  2. Heather says:

    You put a lot of effort into this party. Love your clay Graffalo!

  3. Frances says:

    Love the party favor! I must say you have a very good looking play dough gruffalo! LOL 🙂

  4. Love the idea! I like that they kids get these fun stuff instead of just candies. :p Great packaging too! Thanks for sharing! I will share in another group that I belong too. Am sure the mummies would love this!

  5. I love it – what a cute idea. And thanks for linking to my playdough recipe. Glad to hear you love it too! 🙂

    • Jody Tilbury says:

      Thank you Erika – I tried so many playdough recipes that flopped and then I found your recipe and your site. We use it all the time.