Back to School!

Tomorrow we are back to school. Summer camp was fun but I think we are all ready to get back to our normal routine. My girls’ Chichewa language skills have skyrocketed this past month. In addition to learning numerous Chichewa playground songs, they have been listening to Saliyapa and Kwamvera converse with each other and they have had a bunch of playdates with their friends who don’t speak a lot of English. I have been a little left out of this and the girls are thrilled that they know something that I don’t know. The other day Boo started telling me about an mbalame she had been watching and then she stopped herself and told me in her let me help you understand voice, “mbalame is a bird in Chichewa Mama, that is Sali’s language.” Little smart Aleck, I may not know as much Chichewa as she does but I do know mbalame and I was following her story just fine. I hope we can keep up the language skills they have gained and expand upon them in the upcoming months.

It was interesting to see the way the month played out. I thought the girls would adore the time and attention from someone else and I would have a ton of time to get some projects that I’ve been wanting to work on done. It didn’t exactly pan out that way. They did adore Kwamvera but they were less than thrilled about being turned over to someone else. If I was with them, even if I was just sitting and watching, they had a great time, but as soon as I turned on the computer, or put my nose in a book, or started something in the kitchen, they only wanted me. It has me wondering if this is a byproduct of the fact that we usually spend all of our time together or if it is just a natural thing with kids this age wanting to be the center of their parents’ worlds. They seemed to play up for Kwamvera and Sali as soon as my attention was diverted.

Today was a lovely end to our break from school. Some friends from town came to visit and we had a picnic lunch of, you’ll never believe it, KFC! That’s right Kentucky Fried Chicken came to Malawi two weeks ago and while I know fast food is not healthy food, I enjoyed it so very much. We followed lunch with a swim in the river and a drive to look for the lions. We didn’t find them but we did find their tracks in the riverbed and later by an extremely smelly buffalo carcass. We had checked their satellite collars before we left so we knew they weren’t anywhere near where we were swimming but it was cool to see evidence that they had been there before us.

Tomorrow it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Back to School


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  1. I’m so envious of your non-traditional (at least by my American standards) life. How cool to say in passing that you need to check on lions before you go swimming. What a hoot! I’m serious, one day my family is going to show up knocking on your door. (That is of course, as long as your can continue to track those dangerous predators.) 😉

  2. Heather says:

    Oh man, I love that pic!
    I think the kids do want to be the centre of your attention. Little Nic is also like that, even though he is so little.

  3. Mel says:

    Such a cool, cool life you’re giving the girls. I love reading about this world so different from my own. And then KFC pops up 🙂

  4. Your regularly scheduled programming is as awesome as your special days! Very cool to see (maybe not smell) where the lions had been.

    I love coming here to see what you’re up to!